—by Susan Eisenberg

Thank you, Amal, for snapping and sending this photo from NYC on December 22, 2015. Of course it could be Any City, USA.

2015. A full half-century after the Civil Rights Act made employment discrimination illegal….
2015. Thirty-seven years after Executive Orders were supposed to open construction jobs and apprenticeships to women….

2015. There are still people printing, posting, working under, and passing by signs that assume only men do these jobs. And sadly, they’re not so wrong: women are still only about 2.5% of the workforce. I agree—that’s dangerous!

Here’s hoping that in 2016, men who find these signs posted at their jobsites will take them down and throw them in the trash. That in 2016, those responsible for enforcing the law, and those who speak of solidarity, will act with creative courage. And signs like this one will seem like ancient artifacts.

Amal.NYC.MenWkg.IMG_1542Wishing everyone a joy-filled and just 2016!

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